Tuesday December 26th

12 noon – 5pm

50% off ALL of our piercing fees on Boxing Day

Now that Christmas day is over it’s time to treat yourself to a new piercing or maybe a jewellery upgrade to freshen up your existing additions!

There are a few variations regarding the origin of Boxing Day and the one that speaks loudest to us is the idea of giving back to those who have helped us throughout the year. This is our 6th Christmas at Piercing HQ and we are ever grateful to EVERYONE who has helped us become the studio we are proud to be.

We have held fast to our principles regarding quality customer service in order to provide our clients with the best experience we can. Supporting them through the process – whether that be a piercing, stretching, scarification, implants, branding, or saline infusion – everyone needs a little encouragement.

Over the years we’ve met so many wonderful people and we’ve been really happy to share in their smiles (and sometimes relief) when they see their new additions. Hearing such positive feedback too about how well piercings are healing is always such a buzz!

We also enjoy helping people who were stuck in the cheap price trap. Rescuing a badly performed piercing and/or a piercing that won’t seem to heal due to poor quality jewellery, is something we are really good at so don’t be afraid to come and ask for help. Unfortunately there is very little we haven’t seen before and bad pain is never fun.

Jewellery Postcard

All of our suppliers only use the highest implant grade metals that are available for body jewellery. Every piece passes through human hands for polishing to ensure that it is PERFECT for it’s forever home in your body.

The support of our jewellery designers allows us to do what we do with the best possible outcomes.

“Good is never cheap, and cheap is never good.”

Our thanks to (in alphabetical order because we LOVE them all) Anatometal, Body Circle Designs, BVLA, Industrial Strength, Intrinsic, KAOS Software, NeoMetal, Steve Haworth, Tam Gannon

Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to introduce someone you care about to the joys of a professional piercing studio. Give the gift that will make them smile.  Instantly available online now for Christmas.

ALL piercings are available with half price piercing fees on Boxing Day which means you could save up to $50.00 per piercing!!! Jewellery must be purchased with all piercings to activate your discount. We recommend making an appointment especially for all genital bookings. Appointments are available between 12-5pm and can be made by calling us on 03 94197707 or email via admin@piercinghq.com.au