Nostril • Septum • Lip & Tongue • Eyebrow

Facial piercings have enjoyed a huge increase in popularity over recent years, and society is slowly becoming more accepting of those of us who wear them. This is a good thing given most facial piercings will not survive a work/school day without jewellery. Nostril piercings are particularly prone to closing very quickly when we take the jewellery out - even for short periods of time. Clear retainers, and discreet jewellery options are available for times when you need to conceal your piercing, however they should not be considered a full-time jewellery option.

Nostril Piercings

Nostril piercings can be worn with either a ring or stud-and contrary to popular belief, you can have a ring put in when it's pierced. Taking out your jewellery even for short periods in the first 12 months could result in closure, so if you want to change your jewellery, it's best to consult your piercer to see if it can be done. Stud guns should never be used to pierce a nose.

Nothing 'happens' differently when you get a cold, you will still be able to sneeze, sniff, and blow your nose normally.

Septum Piercings

Septum piercings are one of the few facial piercings that can be invisible for those times you don’t/can’t have it be seen, simply by flipping the jewellery up into the nostrils. It is a very popular piercing that is spanning all generations and genders.

Jewellery ranges from discreet septum retainers through to beautiful gem set septum clickers and everything in-between. Circular barbells are a popular first jewellery choice given they can perform the double duty of a retainer and visible jewellery. Flip it up or down depending on the day. We can perform all adjustments on site that may be needed to ensure your jewellery sits snugly up your nose when you wish to hide it.

Septum piercings are not performed through the septum cartilage at Piercing HQ. The preferred septum “sweet spot” ensures a more comfortable piercing experience and rapid healing. Well placed septum piercings often respond well to stretching too if you decide you’d like thicker jewellery once the initial piercing is healed.

Lip and Tongue Piercings

Oral piercings such as the lip and the tongue tend to heal very quickly- about two weeks for most tongue piercings and lip piercings before the initial jewellery can be changed down to a smaller size for a more snug fit. A longer barbell should always be used initially to allow for swelling, but after two weeks it should be changed to reduce the risk of damage to teeth and gums.

Correct placement and jewellery length will benefit your teeth far more than plastic balls, which can be toxic and break in your mouth. Internally threaded jewellery is the best choice for this piercing, and is the type of jewellery used in all our piercings.  

Tongue and lip piercings can be fantastic and fun piercings to wear, and tongue piercings are also quite discreet in the workplace.


Eyebrow Piercings

Eyebrow piercings can reject, but the chance of this happening is significantly reduced with high quality jewellery and good piercing methods. A small barbell or a ring can be worn as initial jewellery, and they will need to be worn full time in order to heal properly.

There isn't a "gay" or "straight" side in 2015. And getting your eyebrow pierced does not cause 'your face to drop'. Not once in our 20+ years of piercing have we ever seen that happen.