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All genital piercings are restricted to 18yrs and older. It is now illegal to perform genital piercings on minors. Our featured genital piercings usually heal quite quickly. All of your body fluids are sterile to you, your urine is also antiseptic to you and does not need to be kept away from fresh piercings.

All unhealed piercings are a potential avenue for STI transmission. Please practice safer sex with all non fluid bonded partners.

Your body will tell you via it's pain reflex when your piercing is ready for sex. There are so many variables that determine how fast each person will heal a genital piercing. A general rule is to avoid partnered sex during the first two weeks - and then take it easy.

Here is a podcast from an interview on JoyFM with "The Woods".

JoyFM94.9 Interview featuring male genital mods, general piercing history, and Sammi's Day.