Implants can be placed safely in many areas of the body.
The quality of silicone used in implants varies. At Piercing HQ we only use the best medical grade silicone implants available, designed and created by the master - Steve Haworth. Please visit his website to view the full range of implants available.

Implants generally take time to fully develop. This can be a slow process while localised swelling and fluid subsides, however the thinner the covering skin the faster definition of the underlying implant occurs.

Local anaesthetic can be administered by a licensed medical practitioner at HQ prior to the procedure. Wearing an implant is not usually painful after it has healed - but it will hurt if you knock it.

Aftercare: stitches are often used to close the small entry wound made to install an implant. This wound needs to be kept clean and dry whilst it heals. Stitches are normally removed after 7-10 days. Male genital implants such as bead strings and straight line single bead implants require 28 days of abstinence from ANY sexual activity that moves the skin on the penile shaft. The implants must have time to anchor in the desired position before any pressure is applied.

It is possible to have implants removed - although it is better to be sure of your decision BEFORE having one done.Rejection of high quality implants is unlikely. The grade of silicone we use has been chosen due to it's high level of biocompatibility.

You must be 18 years or older to have an implant done at Piercing HQ. No exceptions. We do not perform silicone breast implants at HQ. If these are of interest you may like to experience a saline infusion first to explore size options.

A consultation is required before we can make an appointment for you to have your implant installed at HQ. An implant is an advanced body modification and as such requires a complete understanding of what is involved before it is done. Time is often needed for us to obtain your chosen implant too. Implants do not normally interfere with medical scans or procedures.

WHY??? Reasons vary and include things like:

  • I like the way they look

  • It's something different

  • They can be used to enhance tattoos

  • Sexually - we love the way it feels. Makes the 28 days WELL worth it!