My thought process on this concept started quite awhile ago when we were at a workshop Midori was giving here in Melbourne. She was talking about “Service Tops” and it was not a term I was really familiar with until she explained it.

A service top is someone who is experienced at a particular skill that you would like included in a scene. Obviously this is a skill that you either don’t have, or don’t want to do to your play partner.
Piercing is often part of power exchange relationships, and many people like to wear or give piercings as a sign of ownership or committment.

Like most skills in our lifestyle, “piercing” should be learned before it is carried out on our nearest and dearest. Unfortunately it appears that the excitement of giving – or receiving – a piercing can sometimes cause unintended longterm damage when we don’t know everything we should to ensure it is done safely.
I received my very first body piercing over 20 years ago as part of a very hot scene – and I loved it 🙂 The anticipation and build up was intense! I will never forget that experience.
I was very lucky though. He knew enough about sterilisation, body jewellery, and anatomy to achieve a good result. His knowledge though didn’t come from his ability as a Dominant – it came from his nilla profession and education in the medical arena.

So between my personal experience, and the concept of “service tops” I got to thinking…..
How great would it be to be able to be pierced properly – without having to forgo the intensity of having your Master or Mistress to help you through it? How much easier would it be to create a scene for your slave, without having to worry about the logistics and technicalities  of doing the piercing yourself? Knowing that it was all being done correctly. To not have to “hide” who we are and what we want, but to have the freedom to be yourselves.
Paulus and I have decided that this is an opportunity that we could offer at Piercing HQ.

Our involvement in the “scene” itself would be determined by everyone involved. As much or as little power exchange that works for everyone. This would be arranged during the “Pre scene” setup that would consist of a meeting prior to the big event. The options for creating scenes like this are ENDLESS – particularly given that all the necessary information and paperwork would be sorted beforehand.

These bookings are only available outside of normal business hours, due to the consent of all involved being paramount*.

There would be an additional fee over and above the normal piercing fee for this service. This would also be negotiated beforehand as part of the prescene setup.
Your privacy is assured.

If you would like to discuss this concept, please feel free to send us an Email  or contact us via Fetlife.

*No illegal activity will be entered into.