We here at Piercing HQ understand that for some of our clients, the stock standard easily available body jewellery options are just not going to suffice in ALL cases. Some of us just need it to be BIGGER!!!

We are proud to have what we believe to be the LARGEST range of large gauge body jewellery options available in Australia.

Available right now for YOU!!!

Stock ranges from 10g/2.5mm thick through to a WHOPPING 19mm wire thickness in various styles. Please note that not all styles are available in all thicknesses.



Body Circle Designs Screw Ball Rings

Available at HQ from 8g-00g/9.2mm wire thickness in various diameters.



Monster Screw Ball Rings

These 2 “babies” are 17 and 19mm wire thickness. Both are 22mm internal diameter.



Body Circle Designs – Weight Rings*

In stock at HQ from 8g-2g wire thickness

(Full-time wear not advisable – but great for the weekend in healed piercings)



Screw Segment Rings

00g/9.2mm – 15mm wire thickness.

The “miracle” child in this family is 15mm wire thickness with a 10mm INTERNAL diameter!!!


Large Gauge CBB'swtmk

Large Gauge Circular&Curved Barbells

10g-00g are standard wire thicknesses carried in a range of diameters and lengths.


All of these large gauge pieces are general stock items – however – IF – we don’t have what you need, and it’s available somewhere in the world, we will get it for you!!!

If you like the “look” of these pieces, but your “hole” isn’t big enough yet, come talk to us. We can talk you through the options for stretching your piercing to accommodate a larger piece. There isn’t much we can’t achieve with enough lube and enough time 🙂