Nipple • Navel

Nipple and navel piercings have long ranked highly as some of the most popular piercing choices. The jewellery options are extensive and range from quite basic pieces to exquisite precious gems set in custom designs made just for you. As with most piercings, the aim of the game is to have them heal easily and quickly.

It is initially that your piercing will be most sensitive to the quality of jewellery inside your body and cheap choices in your wallet can become very expensive in other ways. Some of the consequences can include pain, migration, and lumps and bumps that can make any piercing look terrible. Navel piercings are especially sensitive to poor quality jewellery. This is particularly unfortunate considering poor quality navel jewellery is so readily available. At Piercing HQ we will never put anything into you that we wouldn’t be confident to wear ourselves. Given we will only wear the BEST you can relax knowing your jewellery is of the highest quality available in the world.

Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings are one of the few piercings that can be done for both practical or aesthetic reasons. Often nipple piercing will cause an increase in sensitivity and therefore motivation to play with them. Usually a thicker jewellery wire will better support safer nipple play, so if that’s your thing we can help with either large gauge piercing or professional stretching of your existing nipple piercing.

Rings and barbells can be used for inital jewellery, however we recommend barbells especially for women as they can significantly reduce healing time.

Breastfeeding is still possible after nipple piercing if the piercings are done properly.

Double nipple piercings tend to heal at different rates. One side will almost always be better than the other. If you know you want both done, get them done at the same time as it is easier from an aftercare viewpoint. If nipple stimulation is important to your sex life, then do them one at a time. Then one is always available if the other is tender.

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Navel Piercings

Navel Piercings can be a fantastic way to ornament your body. While there is a chance of rejection with these piercings, they should heal successfully as long as they are pierced correctly and good quality jewellery is worn.

Rings or curved barbells can be worn initially in navel piercings, one or the other will usually suit your anatomy best. Initial jewellery should be fairly basic-gemset sparkles can still be worn, but lay off lots of dangles until your piercing is healed.

Sometimes navel piercings can be worn throughout a pregnancy-with a suitable jewellery change often around the 6 month mark.

Lumps and bumps are not uncommon when navel piercings are knocked around or if your jewellery is too small. If you are still having trouble healing your navel piercing after the first three months, it might be time to get some help from an experienced piercer.