6a00e55074f4b18833017d3cd07cc6970c-800wiContamination caused by biohazardous bodily fluids is one of the risks that can be a part of many of the types of BDSM play that we enjoy.
Any toys, equipment, or instruments that come into contact with body fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluids, fecal matter, or saliva, should be cleaned after they are used.
Whether they should be “sterilized” before further use depends on how high the risk of bacterial/viral contamination is, and whether the same toy is likely to be used with different people.
Toys that are commonly sterilized before their first, or subsequent uses, are urethral sounds, glass or metal butt plugs, any non-disposable equipment used in blood play that can be sterilized e.g clamps, much of the equipment used for medical play e.g reusable speculums, and the list goes on…..

A Chamber autoclave

A Chamber autoclave

Sterilization is commonly achieved using a machine called an “autoclave”. It uses high temperature and pressure to kill ALL bacteria, viruses, and their spores. Most people don’t have an autoclave at their disposal but we do 🙂

We offer a public sterilization service for any toys and equipment that are able to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of an autoclave. E.g metal, glass, and high quality silicone are successfully able to be processed this way.

Toys will be thoroughly cleaned, packaged, and autoclaved with a 7 day turnaround.
We do require all used toys to be handwashed BEFORE they are delivered to Piercing HQ for processing. Please ensure they are in a disposable plastic bag e.g a plastic supermarket shopping bag.

Cost is $20.00 for one package. Additional packages will be cheaper and dependent on size etc.
All autoclave loads will be fully documented and archived.

Please note: correct transportation and storage of sterilized items is the responsibility of the owner. No liability for items will be accepted once items leave Piercing HQ premises.