At Piercing HQ we offer cutting, flesh removal, strike branding, micro branding, and electrocautery as various methods available to achieve your scarification. With cutting and flesh removal the intent is to create a permanent scar by aggravating the wound as it heals. This helps to encourage scar tissue formation and increase the success of a permanent result.

 The slideshow below is a progression of one of our favourite scarification projects we've done to date, from conception all the way to three months of healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • the designs for each piece are chosen by YOU. We are happy to assist with technical specifications etc, but the mark is yours.
  • simple designs are the most effective.
  • final outcomes are variable. They depend on many factors. Location, and your ability to generate scar tissue, are the two main considerations. If you want a guaranteed outcome, a tattoo is probably a better choice for you.
  • it is not as painful as you may think ūüôā
  • initial healing takes approximately 2 weeks, during which time you need to allow around 15-30min/day for aftercare. If you can't reach your new scarification you will need someone to help you.
  • time needed for a booking will depend on size. This is not a fast process.

Scarification can be a different and unique alternative to permanently marking the skin. As this can also be used as a mark of ownership, consent will need to be given by ALL involved. Scarification can also be used to enhance existing tattoos - within black work can be very effective.